Sweetgrass Smudge Braid 60cm

Purify your space and magnify your intentions

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Introducing our Sweetgrass Braid, a sacred and aromatic offering deeply rooted in American Indian traditions. For generations, Sweetgrass has been revered by indigenous peoples across North America for its unique fragrance and spiritual significance.


American Indian Traditions: Sweetgrass (Hierochloe odorata) holds a special place in the hearts and traditions of Native American cultures. It is often referred to as the "Hair of Mother Earth" due to its long, graceful blades that symbolize the hair of the Earth Mother. Traditionally, it is sustainably harvested by Native American communities with great respect and ceremony.


Use for Smudging and Incense: Sweetgrass is primarily used for smudging and as incense in spiritual and ceremonial practices. When burned, it releases a sweet, vanilla-like fragrance that is believed to attract positive energies, purify spaces, and offer protection. Sweetgrass smudging is often used before or after other smudging rituals, such as White Sage, to bring in positive energies and blessings.


How to Use: To use our Sweetgrass Braid, simply ignite one end and allow it to smolder. As the fragrant smoke rises, you can gently fan it with a feather or your hand to spread the cleansing and purifying aroma throughout your space. You may also wish to smudge yourself, your home, or ceremonial objects.


Experience the Sacred Tradition: Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of American Indian traditions with our Sweetgrass Braid. Elevate your spiritual journey, create a sense of peace, and invite positive energies into your life with the gentle and sweet aroma of this sacred plant. Embrace the wisdom of indigenous cultures and connect with the natural world through the time-honored ritual of Sweetgrass smudging and incense.


Brand Silverstone

Sweetgrass Braid 60 cm

By: on 1 October 2020
Just as the name says, it smells soooo sweet. Beautiful product.

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