Sun Catcher EYE Crystal Glass

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Introducing our intriguing Sun Catcher: Eye Ball Crystal Glass. This unique and captivating piece combines the mystical allure of an eye design with the sparkling beauty of crystal glass, creating a mesmerizing addition to your home or outdoor space.

Crafted with intricate detail, this sun catcher features a meticulously designed eye ball shape made of crystal glass. The eye ball's transparent quality allows light to pass through, while its mesmerizing design adds an element of intrigue and mystery to the overall aesthetic.

Hang this sun catcher in a window, on a porch, or in your garden, and let the sunlight transform the crystal glass into a stunning spectacle. As the sun's rays interact with the glass, they refract and reflect, creating a play of light and color that captures the imagination.

Not only does our Sun Catcher: Eye Ball Crystal Glass add visual delight, but it also evokes a sense of symbolism and spiritual connection. The eye is often associated with protection, intuition, and insight. The crystal glass, with its radiant properties, enhances the mystical quality of the design, inviting a deeper exploration of inner vision and perception.

Embrace the mystical beauty and illuminating qualities of our Sun Catcher: Eye Ball Crystal Glass. Let its captivating play of light and symbolism awaken your intuition and bring a touch of intrigue to your space, reminding you of the profound connection between perception and the world around us.


SKU scEBcg
Brand Silverstone

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