Lucky Coins

Sometimes we all need a little bit of luck, whether it is to get us through the day unscathed, to get across an obstacle or maybe to start a new adventure. Silverstone has some wonderful lucky coin packages that are perfect as gifts for birthdays or ceremonies. You can place lucky coins under your doormat, hang them on your doorknob or you can keep them in your purse or wallet. Lucky coins represent the heavens, the earth and man. They bring wealth, prosperity and abundance to all areas of life and peace of mind. For a magical gift, browse the full range of lucky coins today at Silverstone.


Silverstone has a great range of gifts, presents and oddities available. If you are a retailer or collector of exotic items from different cultures, histories and religions, then Silverstone is the perfect supplier for you. Our lucky coins come in a range of sizes and meanings, so you can choose the perfect item to suit your product range. Your customers will love any of our wonderful products. So browse the full collection today.




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