Resin & Wood Incense Gum Mastic Granules 4g Packet

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Step right up and meet the superstar of resins – Gum Mastic! Hailing straight from the enchanting lands of Chios, Greece, this resin is no ordinary sidekick; it's the "first choice" grade, boasting small tears that pack a punch. Picture it: transparent, lemon-white tears shaped like tiny superheroes, all sourced from the mastic tree, the exclusive inhabitant of the southern part of Chios.


Travel back in time, and you'll find the Egyptians going gaga over this resin, making it a VIP ingredient in their ancient "Kyphi" recipes. Across North Africa, people are turning to mastic for incense burning, considering it their secret weapon against exhaustion. Need a mental boost? Mastic to the rescue! Its bright, radiant energy is your go-to for meditation and reflection, providing the clarity you crave.


But wait, there's more! Mastic isn't just a one-trick resin. It moonlights as a natural chewing gum, putting all others to shame. Not only does it keep your pearly whites in top-notch condition, but it's also a superhero in the medicinal realm. Stomach aches, ulcers, diabetes, cholesterol – you name it, Mastic's got your back.


And that's not all, folks! Mastic isn't shy about its other talents. Mastic oil and its buddies are hitting the big leagues, making appearances in medicine, pharmaceuticals, dentistry, and even the general industry. The University of Athens agrees – their pharmacy department proved that Mastic and Mastic oil are the dynamic duo against bacteria and fungi.


Hold your horses, because in the USA and Japan, they're turning mastic into medicine, tackling stomach ulcers and easing those pesky stomach aches. Traditionally, it's the go-to remedy for dropping blood sugar levels (diabetes) and waving goodbye to high cholesterol.


Before you start concocting your own mastic magic potion, a word of caution: We're wizards in the realm of incense making and fragrance, not medicine. The info here is for your entertainment, not a prescription. If you're thinking of ingesting something that's not on your dinner plate, consult a licensed health practitioner – they're the real wizards in that department!


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Brand Moondance

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