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Introducing our Clear Quartz Raw Natural Chunks, a mesmerizing embodiment of clarity and purity. These exquisite chunks are handpicked from nature's treasure troves, showcasing the raw and untamed beauty of clear quartz, a revered gemstone renowned for its versatility and healing properties.

Each Clear Quartz Raw Natural Chunk is a unique masterpiece, displaying an enchanting blend of translucence and brilliance. Ranging in size and shape, these chunks possess a captivating allure that makes them a truly remarkable addition to any crystal collection or sacred space.

Clear quartz is celebrated for its ability to amplify energy and promote clarity of thought. Known as the "master healer," it is believed to cleanse and balance the chakras, offering a renewed sense of vitality and spiritual well-being. These raw natural chunks serve as potent tools for meditation, energy work, or simply as decorative accents that infuse your surroundings with positive vibrations.

Embrace the timeless elegance and powerful energy of clear quartz with our Clear Quartz Raw Natural Chunks. Whether you seek to enhance your spiritual practices, create a harmonious ambiance, or simply appreciate the natural beauty of this remarkable gemstone, these chunks are a perfect choice. Let the radiant energy of clear quartz elevate your space and empower your journey towards balance and clarity.


Disclaimer: This is a natural product, it may vary in colour from the picture shown. These are raw crystals, straight from the earth, and therefore are unwashed. You will need to wash and polish the crystals to get your desired look. As this is a natural and unprocessed crystal, it may have other mineral deposits present.


SKU crsCQ2kg
Brand Silverstone

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