Bic SANDAL WOOD 8 stick BOX of 25 Packets

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Inspired by the aromatic trails of incense, we bring you a collection of exotic and mesmerising fragrances that would be truly cherished. This collection is a bouquet of refreshing scents that make a perfect addition to any special occasion. All you need are our divine fragrances to turn your home into a haven.


Sandalwood incense is renowned for its rich and woody fragrance, often described as warm, soothing, and earthy. It captures the essence of the sandalwood tree, particularly the heartwood, which is prized for its aromatic properties.

The scent of sandalwood incense is characterized by its sweet and resinous notes, with a subtle hint of smokiness. It's a timeless and classic fragrance that has been used in various cultures and spiritual traditions for centuries. The aroma is known for its ability to create a tranquil and meditative atmosphere, making it a popular choice for yoga, meditation, and relaxation.

Sandalwood incense is often associated with spirituality and is believed to have grounding and centering properties. It can evoke a sense of inner peace and harmony, making it conducive to deep introspection and mindfulness practices. Many people find the scent of sandalwood incense to be both comforting and spiritually uplifting.

Overall, sandalwood incense is a beloved fragrance that appeals to the senses and the soul, offering a serene and calming experience for those who use it.


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BIC Sandalwood incense sticks

By: on 31 July 2020
This my favourite incense scent.

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