Ayurvedic Body Oil KAPHA 12ml

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Silverstone 100% Pure Essential Ayurvedic Body Oil KAPHA 12ml


Kapha is the dosha or constitution as it may be known, responsible for lubrication and structure of the body. The elements that govern Kapha are earth and water. Kapha people are very sturdy, grounding and they are difficult to move. They are comfortable and happy in one place and don't like change. They tend to be the healthiest of the three doshas, physically and mentally.

Kapha is our lubrication in the brain, around the joints, reproductive fluids and is responsible for building and surrounding most of our tissues. It keeps our bodies from turning into raisins. Kaphas are prone to static & heavy conditions like; obesity, lethargy, dullness of mind, and diabetes.


Ingredients: Almond Sweet Oil, Ginger Oil, Orange Sweet Oil, Cardamom Oil, Fennel Sweet Oil, Grapefruit Oil, Natural Vitamin E, Soya Bean Oil



Brand Silverstone
Unit Of Measure ml

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